Makeover your pantry using these 8 simple steps

A clutter-free pantry will not only make it easier for you to find what you need, but it can actually allow you to maximise your storage space. Here are easy steps you can take to declutter your pantry in an afternoon.

Step 1. Remove Everything

Start with a clean slate by removing everything from inside your pantry. Undertaking this project when your kitchen is clean will maximise bench space and improve production levels (bonus!) If you have limited bench space, use a clean sheet or towel on your floor. You want to bring everything out, no short cuts! 

Step 2. Clean Thoroughly

Once your cupboard is empty, give it a thorough wipe down, including walls, shelves and drawers. Wiping down your pantry straight after clearing it out leaves enough time for it to completely dry before it’s time to restock.

Step 3. Take a Deep Breathe

Now that your pantry contents have taken over your kitchen try not to panic! This is an important step of the process; just think you are very close to your new, beautiful and organised pantry.

Step 4. Group Like Items

Take a look around and start grouping like items together that make sense for you and your family e,g “Cereals”, “Quick Meals” or “Baking Items”. Every household will have different ways of how they like to categorise their food. Note- as you are doing this process, check use-by dates and be sure to throw away anything expired and set a plan to use anything that is about to expire. Donate any food that is still good that you won’t use.

Step 5. Add Storage Solutions

Decant your staple pantry ingredients into canisters and add baskets for food in which you will change up often. Swapping out those bulky cereal boxes for clear tall canisters means you can see and store your pantry contents so much more efficiently. If you are running on a tight budget, use more baskets and fewer canisters.

Step 6. Labelling

Is it just me, or are labels the most exciting part about a pantry make-over? There is something so satisfying about each food item having its very own label. Few different options here, chalk pen to write your own, standard label maker, or you can be extra fancy and order some made from a circuit printer.

Step 7. Organising Your Pantry

When placing everything back into your pantry, think about what you use most often and store them in the most accessible areas. Put often used items in front of rarely used items. You wouldn’t want your emergency baked beans stash taking up prime pantry real estate, would you? Speaking of cans, a shelf organiser in your pantry for these is a game-changer.

Step 8. Utilise all Space

Take advantage of any additional space on the door/s using an over door shelf hanging system or even a more permanent shelving system that can be useful to store spices, packet mixes and any extra bits you may have. Adding baskets to any free wall space is another awesome space-saving knack.

Here’s a Spruce organised pantry. 

Makeover your pantry
Makeover your pantry
Picture of Author - Siobhan Reilly

Author - Siobhan Reilly

Owner and Professional Organiser of Spruce