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Builders Cleaning

Residential Builders Clean from small to large projects we can help

Construction Cleaning

Construction Cleaning from apartment complexes to schools, we are equipped to take on all commercial cleaning

Project Management

Our Project Managers can oversee the entire cleaning process from start to finish

Residental Builders Clean

At Spruce, every day is a handover. We are aware of the importance of your first impression, the stress your team is under, and the importance of the handover process.

The members of our handover team have been specially trained to ensure a seamless handover process. Processes are meticulous, and output is consistent. Handover can be accomplished in a few ways, depending on your timing and process.

The most cost-effective method is to perform a single clean handover. This service involves completing all scope items in one clean, and you can handover once completed. While it is the fastest and most cost-effective method, trade defects and airborne dust don’t have time to settle. Dust may settle on surfaces the next day or so.

In general, the second method is best. A full clean of all internal areas and a window clean of all internal/external windows. Ideally, you can handover at this point, but most prefer to wait another week for any trade defects to be rectified and appliances to be installed. After trade defects are fixed and appliances are installed, we do a quick clean to tidy up. You can handover here with no doubt.

Construction & Industrial Cleaning

At the end of the project, there are several major milestones to be achieved, and they can make or break your team. Spruce is aware of the importance of meeting wet/dry fire tests, architectural inspections, practical completion and handover. There may be a lot of stress at your site, and the last thing you need is a dodgy cleaning contractor. With the help of your site team, we’ll ensure we know all important dates and scope requirements.

During our initial site inspection, we will identify a scope of work (if not already determined) and begin itemising the costs accordingly. If EWP and additional plant/equipment are needed, we’ll determine them. Upon approval of the scope and quote, we can begin preparing safety documentation.

There will be one point of contact for our operations team. Your operations manager will handle all cleaning requirements for this project. Before, during, and after the completion of all scope items, the operations manager will visit the site. Our Operations Managers work closely with our cleaners on site so we always know what is going on and all works are being completed appropriately.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

From paint removal to floor buffing & polishing Spruce is here to help. Our company owns various floor cleaning equipment, including floor scrubbers and sweepers. We provide floor scrubbing and sweeping services to warehouses, car parks, flood restoration, schools, and construction sites.

Spruce Floor Polishing

Builders Clean Midway Through Construction

There are also times when additional items may be included in the cleaning process. During the construction process, you may wish to have a labourer clean the site, especially if the client wishes to take a formal walkthrough in order to assess the progress of the construction. In addition, you may need areas to be cleaned of scaffolding, which can also be arranged easily.

How We Can Help You
Residential Projects
  • New Builds
  • Renovations
  • Extensions
  • Sub-Divisions
  • Developments
Commercial Projects
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Medical Facilities
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Sites & Amenities

Industrial Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing (with our brother company Trident Pressure Washing)
  • Building Facade Cleaning
  • Car Park Cleaning
  •  Signage Cleaning
  • Industrial Exit Cleaning
  • Sweep & Scrub